A Brand New Ride for A Brand New Year: 5 of Our Hottest Rides

Our Favorite Rides for 2020

The best way to ring in the new year is a hot new ride. A luxury auto rental can even be a great Christmas gift, and we have the best luxury cars in Miami here at Lamborghini rental Miami. Whether you’re looking for a Ferrari rental in Miami or a Bentley rental in Miami, we have it all. Take a look at five of our hottest rides just in time for 2020.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Lamborghini

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a Lambo? The Lamborghini Aventador S has an exceptional engine—the iconic V12. With powerful acceleration and a response rate faster than you’ve probably ever seen, this super sports car is unprecedented. This luxury auto rental also features 40 horsepower, extreme agility, and a 4-wheel steering system. Even better, it has an EGO customized driving mode, where you can completely personalize your driving experience. Compared to the first Aventador, the new design elements provide an increase of 130% in front downforce, while the new side air vents reduce turbulence, improving cooling, and increasing efficiency.

A Flaming Hot Ferrari

A Ferrari rental in Miami is just what you need for this holiday season or any season for that matter. The 488 GTB Spider has the classic Ferrari Spider model, but it comes with unitary displacement for the engine. With a V8 engine and 670 horsepower, it can’t be beaten. This car delivers unparalleled performance, but this power can be exploited if you’re a less experienced driver. For this Ferrari rental in Miami, the GTB stands for Grand Turismo Berlinetta. Its large signature air intake scallop is a nod to the original 308 GTB and is divided into two sections by a splitter. The new lighter, more horizontally compact dashboard features ultra-sporty air vents inspired by military jet air intakes.

The Classic Bentley

You could also opt for a Bentley rental in Miami for a more classic and elegant feel. We recommend the 2018 Bentley Bentyaga, which comes with a roaring 600 horsepower and a multitude of impressive technological elements. The designers of this vehicle placed two removable 10.2-inch tablets in front of the rear seat (the infotainment system uses an 8.8-inch touchscreen display). Also, the model is equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot function, premium sound system (up to 18 speakers), 4G LTE, and 3D navigation. You and your family or friends will be plenty entertained riding in this beauty. If you’re looking for a Bentley rental in Miami, our office is the place to go.

best luxury rentals in Miami

A Roaring Jaguar

You can’t forget one of the best luxury cars in Miami, the Jaguar. This Jaguar model is the F-Type R Convertible, which offers outstanding levels of dynamic capability and control. Amazingly, this car accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds, but it’s capabilities don’t stop there. This Jaguar also features a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine and 550 horsepower. The ‘R’ theme gives the car a unique personality and includes Dark Linear Aluminum on the center console. Enjoy high-quality leather with twin-needle stitching and, for more lateral support during enthusiastic driving, body-hugging Performance seats with ‘R’ embossed on the headrest.

An Electric Mercedes-Benz

The electrifying Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is also one of the best luxury cars in Miami and is an excellent option for luxury auto rental. This model also features plenty of technological advancements, coupled with driving dynamics, agility, and sportiness. The combination of the indelible power of the engine, combined with the perfect balance and suspension that pairs the vehicle seamlessly with the road, you don’t want to miss driving this incredible car.

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